• Beetroot powder/பீட்ரூட் பொடி/Beta vulgaris 50 GM

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    Beetroot powder/பீட்ரூட் பொடி/Beta vulgaris 50 GM
    Beetroot powder contains micronutrients and phytonutrients that may benefit heart, gut, and brain health. Potential benefits include reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, improving gut health, and more.

    Food manufacturers previously only used beetroot powder as a food additive. However, the different components of beetroot powder are receiving increasing attention for their biological activity.

    Further research is necessary to describe the best way to take beetroot powder for its various health benefits. However, beetroot is a generally healthy addition to a person’s diet.

    Lowers blood pressure

    Research suggests that dietary nitrate from beetroot may playTrusted Source a role in lowering blood pressure. However, factors such as age and sex can influence the efficacy of beetroot to lower blood pressure.

    High blood pressure can increaseTrusted Source the risk of severe health conditions, including stroke and heart disease.

    Improves gut health

    2020 reviewTrusted Source suggests beets contain bioactive compounds that may improve gastrointestinal health, modulate gut microbiota, and stimulate the metabolism and growth of probiotics.

    Reduces oxidative and nitrative stress

    Betalain, a plant nutrient found in beetroot powder, helpsTrusted Source reduce oxidative and nitrative stress. Oxidative and nitrative stress comes from the presence of reactive oxygen or nitrogen species in the body. These chemicals can damage cells and DNA.

    Inflammation often accompanies oxidative and nitrative stress. When inflammation becomes chronic, people may developTrusted Source long-term diseases such as obesityautoimmune disorders, and diabetes.

    Researchers say thatTrusted Source antioxidants, such as betalain, search for free radicals in the body that can cause damage and counter their effects. They also help cells defend themselves from stressors.

    Belatains in beetroot powder may also protect liver and kidney function.

    Improves athletic performance

    Research from 2021Trusted Source suggests that the nitrates in beetroot powder may improve athletic performance and lower muscle soreness after certain exercises.

    However, not all forms of exercise benefit from nitrate-rich foods such as beetroot powder. It may benefitTrusted Source aerobic exercise, but researchers are still determining the exact mechanism that improves exercise performance.

    Some theories suggest that beetroot powder regulates gene expression and cells’ mitochondria content and improves neuromuscular efficiency. However, further studies are needed to confirm these mechanisms.


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